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Hey guys!

Just to inform that I've recently created an instagram account. You can check it out here:

from website:…
My account name is @guillermo.ariete

Hope you guys follow and enjoy :)

lots of care
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Hey Guys!!

ive just created a fb page for my artwork. I will be uploading steps of works in progress, sketches, final art pieces, comissions info etc.

Check it out and like if u wish!

have a nice day!!!
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Hey guys!!

I've recently redesigned my blog, well basictly I've redone it, added sections etc. Looks quite like a site. So make a visit and tell me what you think!

Here you have the

thanks!! and have a nice day!! ^^
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hey people!

new photos in my other deviantart account:

hope u like it :D
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Hey peoople!!!!

One of my passions, after illustration, Is photography. When I'm saturated of drawing or not inspired I just take my camera and take photos. I work in an Advertising agency as creative, grphic designer and ilustrator. So thats why I've been posting soo little stuff during this last 8 months... I't I exhausting job but I love it :)

Just say, that meanwhile I don't post any new illustrations I made another account with pictures I take. There are some photomanipulations, digital and film photos. If u want to take a look you are all invited :)

here it goes:

hope u like it :)
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hey hey hey!!

thanksss to everyone for your visits!!! :D :D

see yaaaa
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I'm back again!

Mon Feb 6, 2006, 9:23 AM
Image hosted by

Hi u all!

sorry for being away so much time! hahahah i just finished my exams! I have passed all of them! (9 of 9)

Now i have started seriously with Hellton. I have began the storyboard and done a few pin ups and desgined all the characters! The hero (Sangriel) included :P. I'll be posting some stuff soon! For the moment just say we have a new colorist, :iconthenass: (I love his colours!) and Byte2k, just dissapeared :S.

So... That's all folks!

P.D. Also say that i have reached over 12,500 pageviews !!! THANKS U ALL!!!!

The Bad Guys (Marshall Hellton and his gang) :

marshall Hellton by thenota john hardin by thenota Horsethief by thenota 49er by thenota harlot by thenota don't worry, i won't bite by thenota Marshall Hellton pinup by thenota Marshall Hellton and the gang by thenota
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Thu Nov 10, 2005, 4:44 AM
Hi deviants!!

Im going to present here my first comic book project!

Image hosted by


Written by: Ken Cottingham
Lines: Me! :iconthenota:
Colour: Mario :iconthenass:

The story is about, I'm being brief, A pugatory of plain of hell, set like the American "Wild West" were the devil is the law and a wayward fallen angel is a BADASS gunslinger seeking revenge.

It comes about, by, having an innocent soul sent to this town or place...This upsets the balance between good and evil. Ofcourse, Lucifer and the Almighty want this soul. Angels are sent as Native Americans or Indians to find this soul, ofcourse they have some interesting powers...

The Devil is the marshal and his demons act as his posse and this place is bad...

For assistance the angels seek a fallen known as the Vagabond, a gunslinger who wants revenge on

Anyway, it becomes an allout gunfight for this innocent soul.

I hope u find it interesting :P I'll be posting some characters and pinups during these days so u all get familiar with it!

I'll also would like your opinions about the story!

The Bad Guys (Marshall Hellton and his gang) :

marshall Hellton by thenota john hardin by thenota Horsethief by thenota 49er by thenota harlot by thenota don't worry, i won't bite by thenota Marshall Hellton pinup by thenota

see ya!!
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i'm back from my "summer hollydays" i've been working and drawing a little bit in my free time :D a great summer!!!! :D :D :D

i hope u all had a good summer too!!
oks, i'm going to my grandparents village where i go every summer since a was born. there i won't have internet maybe, so i won't be able to submit new stuff :( that dosen't mean that i won't draw eh!? hehehhe.

i will check once a week if i can in a cyberbar o a friends house all u're new comments and stuff!!

hope you all have a nice summer!!!

see you all!!!!

wooow just reached the 3000 page vieeews!!!

han solo and cheewacca have done a good jod :D

thanks to all of those who keep visiting my gallery and to those who have visited :) you all rock!
hi there! i've reached the 2000 visits! ^^ I'm happy thank you all for watching my dev! now I'm begining exams... :( sooo! I'm studying a lot! teh 13 of this month I will finish and I have many ideas and projects!!!

one more thing! here you have another account I created a few days ago. I'ts about pictures I do (yes! I love photography, but not as much as drawing!) -------> :iconthenotapix:

special thanks to

:iconfldez: who discovered deviantart for me!
:icongeniss: who has helped me a lot with his critiques!
:iconborinot: who made me rediscover the deviant
:iconlllaria: also for her critics ^^ and the dude pic!…
:iconbayra: who is writing the sript for our comic project!

and again thanks to you all who visit and comment my drawings!!!

see you all!!